Advertiser benefits

Advertiser benefits using CGG testimonials

Advertisers gain valuable insights from our studies through a detailed analysis of their strength and weaknesses compared to competitors. Often, our results can easily be used to derive measures for improvement.

Top ranking companies, products and services can use our testimonials and benefit in multiple ways, improving image and driving up sales:


Billboard testimonial

Our testimonials make advertisements more meaningful and increase the value of a campaign significantly.

Advertisements often are based on claims only or lack a story beyond price incentives.

With our scientific testimonials, a unique story can be told and marketing claims become proven. Marketing messages become clear and trustworthy.

More attention

Our testimonials are eye-catchers. Research shows that they attract significant attention at the Point-of-Sale and on advertisements.

In any case, the award is good news and can be used by communication departments to support a positive brand image.

Better conversion

Better conversaions through testimonials

At the Point-of-Sale, undecided customers look for reasons to buy one or another product or service.

Our scientific testimonials provide such reason. Customers will more often decide for companies, products or services with trusted testimonials than without. Conversions will increase.