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in a complex world


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Based on scientific testimonials

When making purchasing decisions, consumers and business buyers are confronted with many choices. Guidance is very helpful.

Our guidance is based on scientific benchmarks. It generates very high value for decision makers as well as advertisers as it is impartial and objective or statistically representative. We call it scientific testimonials.

Our toolset includes lab analyses, expert research and evaluation, customer surveys and mystery shopping.

Across Europe, and expanding

We are present in major European markets and continue to grow. Our current coverage in Europe includes Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. In Africa, we are present in Angola and Mozambique. Each market is served through separate companies established in the respective market.

Local presence is a key to success. Understanding local customer decision marking, habits and market dynamics are essential.

Advertisers use our testimonials across Europe, not limited to the countries above.