CGG helps consumers to navigate

At CGG we continuously strive to identify best choices for consumers and corporate buyers: products, services, solutions, brands or vendors. We are using the best methodologies for comparison and execute each study so as to generate meaningful and reliable results.

All our studies generate rankings – of companies, brands, products or services. These rankings help consumers to make their choices. We strive to be the trusted friend of the consumer and a fair, value generating partner to advertiser.

Scientific Methodology

Our rankings are based on scientific methods, especially

Our award seals label the best products, services and companies. We call them testimonials. This enables consumers to easily recognize superior offers and to make their choice accordingly. Our research reports enable vendors to improve their offers based on shortcomings identified in our studies.

International Footprint

Founded in 2010, we have expanded our presence into several European companies, maintaining continuous growth. Each country is served through a separate legal entitiy. At the moment we are present in

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Angola
  • Mozambique

CGG is managed by experienced professionals, always with a view to growth through high-quality solutions:

Beatriz joined ConsumerChoice beginning of 2023 with excellent customer relations in the Spanish market.

Beatriz is responsible for sales in Spain.

Emma joined our French operations in 2019 as a project manager and has since developed customer relations in the French market.

Emma today serves as business developer for France.

Felix created CGG as a spin-off from Globis Consulting, building upon the extensive European research capability of Globis.

Felix serves as CGG Group CEO.

Henrik joined CGG over 10 years ago as a project manager. He holds a degree in psychology from University of Würzburg.

Henrik is responsible for sales in the DACH-region, e.g. Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Jose is the founder of ConsumerChoice in Portugal. He managed to grow ConsumerChoice into the leading position in the Portuguese market.

Jose is managing director of the Iberian operations of CGG.

Katja was CGG’s first employee, joining us a project manager. She holds a PhD in psychology from University of Würzburg.

Katja is managing director of DtGV in Germany and has been a main driver for our growth over the past years.

Nassrin is a passionate commercial with broad experience in sales and service. She is a major contributor to our growth in the Iberian market.

Nassrin serves as head of sales of Iberia.

Oliver has accelerated CGG from the early days on, based on his extensive commercial experience from the media sector.

Oliver serves as mananging director for our German and Austrian operations.

Oliver Hauf

Teresa joined ConsumerChoice in 2022, after gaining broad experience in various industries.

Teresa serves as COO of the Iberian operations of CGG.