European Consumers

EU study is tracking consumer conditions annually

Consumer rights and protection is a Cross-European topic. Although there are substantial EU-regulations in place for all countries, not all countries have the same level of consumer conditions.

The European commission is tracking consumer conditions on a yearly basis, showing quite strong differences between EU-member-countries.

The study is tracking consumer conditions based on various subcategories:

  1. Knowledge of consumer rights and trust in institutional and market conditions
  2. Compliance with and enforcement of consumer rights and product safety legislation
  3. Complaints and dispute resolution.

The status in category 1 is checked based on the knowledge of three key consumer rights. The results in this category are increasing on a yearly basis across Europe. This, of course, is encouraging. Nevertheless, several countries are not up to date.

In category 2 also the view of retailers on the issue is surveyed. Do they believe, that cost of compliance is reasonable and do consumers experience less unfair commercial practices in their daily live.

In category 3 the share of consumers which believe to have reason for complaints in the area of consumer rights is monitored. Also, their experience with dispute resolution in the said cases is monitored.

Conditions vary across Europe

Consumer Conditions Scoreboard
Scoreboard of Consumer Conditions 2017, (c) European Commission

The results show stronger variations among European consumers, as the following graphic demonstrates. All details can be found here

Countries with very good consumer conditions include France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden &Norway. Countries, where conditions need to be improved are Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Cyprus