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  • Detailed Data-Mining and Research

    Extensive research is part of many product and service tests. Only to identify and select products, services and companies needs substantial research.

    Food Labelling Europe
    Product labels give basic insights

    One of our main sources is the information provided by the manufacturers and service providers themselves about the products and services offered. Often, they can be easily found on the product itself or on company or brand websites. Many pieces of information are mandatory by law and they often allow a good first assessment.

    Additional sources are targeted surveys with the manufacturers, service providers and retailers. Frequently these companies have an own interest in providing additional information. And this willingness is evidence about the transparency practiced by the respective company.

    Targeted surveys are performed either by telephone interviews of the provision of questionnaires to be filled in by some organizational unit of the companies examined.

    CGG Shopping Mall Benchmarking
    Benchmarking of Shopping Arcades and Malls

    Our research is carried out by professionals of the CGG country institutes. In some cases we buy data from third-parties and verify and enrich them.