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  • Awards based on Customer Surveys

    Surveys give a very good insight into the experience and perception of customers. Customers are the ultimate measure of whether products, services or providers are successful. Surveys are the best way to capture customers’ perceptions.

    Award Seal Austria
    Award Seal Austria

    A comparison of products, services and providers is very well possible with surveys. As customers usually have very different touch points and experiences with the products, services and companies examined, a survey can not ask about many details.

    Real customers, for example, do not stop how long it takes for a kettle to boil a certain amount of water. But customers have a good feeling for how well products work.

    Our surveys collect a wide range of attitudes in different customer settings. This requires a broad range of respondents, which are generated by each CGG country institute. Each CGG institute runs its own consumer panel.

    Standardized CGG Survey Process

    As a rule, a CGG survey study proceeds as follows:

    1. Determining the scope of the survey
    2. Research and selection of the sample of products, services or companies to examine
    3. Development of the questionnaire
    4. Determination of the target sample of the interviewees according to scope and content fit
    5. Execution of the survey (normally online)
    6. Data cleansing
    7. Evaluation of the survey, preparation of the results report
    8. Announcement of the results to companies affected
    9. Survey seals reflect customer opinions

    By comparing the results of individual questions, categories or overall, a comparison of the examined products, services and companies is possible. The product with the best result in the survey is assessed best by the buyers or the users with respect to the criteria surveyed.

    Different to tests, in a survey the respondents do not have experience with all products or services involved and do not have an objective set of evaluation criteria.

    Testimonials like “Best Product” are possible

    Basically, with a survey one can determine the “best” product or company. Also, other testimonials are possible, if users, buyers or customers of different products, services or companies rate their experience on a given scale.