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  • In a complex world with numerous choices for consumers
    we identify what is best

    Best Choices for Consumers

    At CGG we continuously strive to identify best choices for consumers: products, services, solutions, brands or vendors. We base our assessments on scientific methods, for example

    • Lab analyses of ingredients and harmful substances
    • Surveys and statistical evidence
    • Research and mystery shopping

    Our award seals label the best products, services and companies. This enables consumers to easily recognize superior offers and to make their choice accordingly. Our research reports enable suppliers to improve their offers based on shortcomings identified in our investigations.

    Our Offer: Transparency

    We analyse the performance of products, services and companies.
    Only the best offers can carry our quality marks and award seals to demonstrate their outstanding performance.

    Quality Tests

    Products or services are tested by using them based on a scientific test protocol

    More on CGG quality tests
    Customer Awards

    Customer surveys give some performanceindication.

    Our Consumer Awards
    Fairness Benchmarks

    Research and Tests of part of the value of the product or service.

    Check what our fairness benchmarks are about

    Consumer Protection

    In addition to carrying out specific tests and analyses, we actively monitor developments in the area of consumer protection. We research and investigate regulations, announcements, case law and scam schemes and we also conduct opinion polls of consumers on their view of aspects of consumer protection.
    Differing Consumer Conditions in Europe

    Consumer rights and protection is a Cross-European topic. Although there are substantial EU-regulations in place for all countries, not all countries have the same level of consumer conditions.

    In fact, conditions vary strongly across Europe.

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    Our Tools

    Reliable results are based on appropriate tools applied during investigations. Depending on the product, service or company investigated, we choose the best suited tools for measuring relevant performance dimensions. We do not believe in a one-fits-all approach.

    Lab Analyses

    We conduct laboratory tests to understand the substance of materials & products

    Read more on our lab analyses

    We conduct surveys to see, what the rest of us thinks

    Check here how we conduct surveys
    Data Analyses

    We research facts to compare on an equal basis

    Look at our data mining capabilities
    Mystery Checks

    We send out shoppers to capture what is really going on apart marketing claim

    Learn more on our mystery shopping competence